Barkingham Pet Palace - safe and fun exercise.

 Barkingham Pet Palace


First and foremost we believe fun exercise is an essential, beneficial and bond forming part of our guests holiday ; We have lots of fantastic resources where your pet can engage in safe and fun activities and enjoy quality interaction with their walker regardless of the exercise they are participating in as your pets exercise is supervised throughout. We believe your dogs personal safety is of paramount importance, for this reason, we will never exercise your dog with dogs from other families, you don't need to worry about how many other dogs are out with your dog, or that they are competing for attention and trying to keep up with the pack, there is no rough and tumble and no rushed toilet stop.

We've seen the adverts showing lots of dogs running around, but they rarely show the level of supervision in the back ground while they're recording those scenes. In reality it's all to easy to miss the tell tale signs of a stressed dog within a boisterous pack of dogs, or the over energetic dog that just wants to make friends. Equally taking lots of dogs for a walk can make it difficult to spot possible health issues especialy like specks of blood as a dog urinates.


At Barkingham Pet Palace we have exclusive private grounds for your pet to enjoy, there's lots of space to walk around, including a huge fully enclosed agility playground with lots of safe space to have off lead fun just like in your own garden.  We also new experiences for your pets to meet under supervision to help with their socialization skills.
Leading off from the playground we enter the Sensory Garden filled with beautiful smells, textures and sounds to engage all of your pets senses and offer enjoyment for each individual dog.

We all know All dogs love nothing more that having a good sniff around, our sensory garden is just like heaven to their noses.

All of our guests loves spending time in the sensory garden and these are some of the scented plants which have a beneficial effect that you’ll see and your pet will definitely enjoy in our Sensory Garden this summer:

Clary sage: good for highly strung animals and those with hormonal imbalance

Lavender: helps to reduce anxiety and other nervous conditions

Marigolds: dogs experiencing grief or emotional distress will often sniff out this plant

Mint: good for cooling properties and will often be selected by dogs who suffer from skin irritations

Thyme: chosen by animals with bacterial infections, skin irritations and diarrhoea

Wooden wind chimes provide soothing and relaxing sounds for the dogs to listen to, non-invasive and natural noises such as these have a calming effect making the dog feel at ease.

We also include puzzle toys and chews.

Our failities dont end within our own grounds, off site we are surrounded on all sides by wonderful countryside which our more energetic guests love exploring, taking in the miles of local footpaths & stunning woodland walks and including the many beautiful trails leading around the Nescliffe Hill which all offer spectacular and lovely scenary.

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