Welcome to Barkingham Pet Palace

We offer luxury Dog Boarding Kennels  which are a very impressive alternative to conventional dog boarding kennels.

Barkingham Pet Palace is designed purely for the happiness and welbeing of your dogs !


We're very proud to be fully licensed by Shropshire Council under the new Defra Reg Oct 2018

Boarding Kennel Licence no 18/04432/AIAL 4 stars award.


 We are absolutely thrilled with the lovely comments by the Shropshire Council Licencing Team in their report

See what you think !

Barkingham Pet Palace

Shropshire Council Licensing inspection report comments/Advice.

"This is a brand new, purpose-built facility in a ‘luxury hotel’ style with large themed rooms, all of which have multiple resting areas, hiding areas and access to an outdoor secure run.

The level of environmental enrichment provided both inside and outside the kennels is excellent. So far, the licence holders have invested in a variety of toys, puzzle feeders and lick mats for use in the kennels. Outside, they benefit from a large property which has its own land for secure outdoor play and access to several footpaths and walking routes off the premises. The licence holders have developed a sensory garden, have a variety of other animals for dogs to experience and plan to develop other play areas, such as an obstacle garden. A great deal of thought and attention had gone into the development of this premises and providing dogs with a high standard of environmental enrichment.

The licence holders are extremely well qualified and have ensured that their experience and knowledge is suitable and appropriate for the service they are offering, and that they keep this up to date. The system for record keeping is very good and attempts to gain as much information as possible about dogs before accepting them as boarders to ensure that an excellent standard of care is provided.

Overall, from inspection of the premises, review of the submitted written documents and discussion with the licence holders it is clear that an exemplary level of attention to detail and care has gone into developing this premises and its operating systems. The licence holders have a clear passion for animals which will allow them to offer an excellent boarding service.

This is a five-star premises which is only prevented from holding that standard of licence by the fact it is a new business and doesn’t hold the required years of compliance history".



Barkingham Pet Palace -  Luxury dog boarding kennels.

If your pet hasn't beeen away before.

Why not arrange a visit, bring your dog and see just how much fun your best friend can have !

We are here to help and to answer any questions you have.

We really do want you to be totally happy about leaving your best friend in our care.

We also include regular updates to let you know how much fun your pet is having while your away at no extra cost !!!



If your pet has already been in boarding kennels.

Please do come for a visit with your dog, we really are an impressive alternative to conventional boarding kennels.

If you feel we can offer any facilities that your dog particularly likes, please do let us know.


Barkingham Pet Palace Grounds


Barkingham Pet Palace - A Luxury alternative to traditional Dog Boarding Kennels.


When we built Barkingham Pet Palace, our dream was to provide a luxury dog hotel which was set in peaceful surrounding, we believe we've achieved that goal !

While you're away - your pets will have a fantastic holiday.


We really do understand how some dogs can find conventional boarding kennels very stressful,  others may not tolerate home boarding or doggy day care, and some dogs don't always like sharing their attention or finding their place in the pecking order within the pack of maybe bigger/more dominate dogs. Pet sitting or home visits may not be quite what you're specifically looking for.

If you require overnight boarding while you're on holiday, away on business or in hospital etc these facilities need to be licensed by Shropshire Council.


We are really proud to be fully licensed by Shropshire Council.

We've been regularly Enhanced DBS checked via Shropshire Council.

Have over 25 years experience of caring for other peoples pets and our own, and provided holiday cover for a competition/Livery Yard.

Including the following qualifications:

  • Pet 1st Aid
  • Diploma in Pet Dog Care
  • Animal training & Pet Sitting
  • Interactive Play day
  • Tellington T.Touch Workshop
  • Puppy Training & Animal Psychology
  • Dog Socialization & Obedience Masterclass
  • Animal Biology
  • Animal Health & Communication Diploma
  • Canine massage day

We welcome your pets with pre-existing medical conditions including those that require regular medication during their stay.

We can also attend veterinary appointments.

Please speak to us about how best to meet the needs of your pets specific requirements.

Luxury Boarding Kennels
Barkingham Pet Palace - a luxury alternative to conventional boarding kennels