1. Bookings & Deposits Policy

Your deposit confirms your acceptance of Barkingham Pet Palace Luxury Hotel terms & conditions.

The signed booking form and terms & conditions must be received at the time of your booking.

Once we confirm your reservation a 50% non-refundable deposit should be paid within 48hrs.

We regret that your reservations cannot be held after 48hrs if your deposit has not been paid.

You will receive an email confirming your reservation, following receipt of your deposit.

Reservations made within 14 days of your arrival date must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Reservations below £50.00 are payable in full at the time of booking.

During peak periods, we can only accept reservations with a minimum duration of 5 days.

Deposit should be made via bank transfer with the name of your dog in the reference section.

  1. Cancellations & Amendments.

All dates booked are charged for as follows, unless we receive 30 days notice in writing.

The deposit paid will be reflected in the amount payable.

16 - 29 days = 50% of total reservation costs will be payable minus the 50% non-refundable deposit.

8  - 15 days = 75% of total reservation costs will be payable minus the 50% non-refundable deposit.

0 - 7 days = 100% of total reservation costs will be payable.

Just like other boarding establishments any amendments, which reduce the booked reservation period, will be charged for as the original period booked.

Deposits from cancellations, unfortunately are non refundable and non transferable to a new booking.

Veterinary fees and treatments costs must be settled in full on the day of departure.

Our final invoice is due and payable in full on the day of departure.

  • The day your pet checks in, irrespective of arrival time, is the day you will be charged from.
  • Just like a hotel, your pet is welcome to stay until 10am on the departure day.
  • Pets still in residence after 10am will be charged an extra day.
  1. Departure Day.

If for any reason, you forget your purse, debits cards or your normal method of payment is not responding, we can not as a small establishment offer credit and your dog will stay with Barkingham Pet Palace until payment is made in full.

There will be a charge for holding your dog at the standard daily rate.

If you collect your dog earlier than your booked date the full reservation costs will still be payable.

  1. Breakdown of Charges

We charge for each day up to & including an overnight stay until 10.30am the following day.

We do not charge for the day of departure provided your dog is collected before 10.30am.

Dogs collected after 10.30am on the day of departure will be charged at the daily rate.

We do not charge extra for walks, play activities, massages or administering medicines.

5a.     Health - Vaccination Policy.

Your dog must have a valid UK vaccination certificate.

We cannot accept puppies less than 17 weeks at the time of boarding.

Puppies must have completed their primary vaccination course at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.

We cannot accept Homoeopathic vaccinations.

Please check that your dogs’ vaccination certificates are up to date (including Kennel Cough) and that your dog is covered for the duration of their stay prior to making your booking.  

It is part of our licensing conditions that we cannot accept your dog without their valid certificates, which must be produced at the time of admission.  

You will however still be charged for the full duration of your booked reservation.

The vaccination certificates must include

  • Canine Distemper.
  • Parvovirus
  • Canine Hepatitis.
  • Leptospirosis (Lepto 2 or Lepto 4)

5b.     Kennel Cough Vaccination Policy.

You will need to request the Kennel Cough vaccination from your veterinary practice, as they do not normally include this with their routine vaccinations. The vaccination must be given at least 14 days prior to the admission date because there is a three-day onset immunity period followed by a 7-10 day incubation period during which time it is possible that dog may contract Kennel Cough.

Although the Kennel Cough vaccine offers good protection from this infectious disease, it does not cover all the strains of the virus and there is no guarantee when placing your dog in any environment where there are other dogs, i.e. walking in your local park, boarding kennels, home boarding or even during multiple dog walking activities, that your dog will not contract a mild version of the infection, if there is another dog in close proximity who is infected.

If your dog is elderly or has a long-term illness the Kennel Cough vaccine could be detrimental to their health. If you have any concerns about the Kennel Cough vaccine please speak to us prior to making a booking.

At Barkingham Pet Palace, we take every precaution to prevent infections by using dedicated disinfectants for the control of diseases and disinfect all surfaces and furnishing following each and every guest.

6. Worms and Flea’s Policy.

Please remember that your dog must be treated for fleas and wormed at least 7 days prior to their stay,  if we find any fleas, ticks, lice or worms on your dog, we will contact your registered veterinary practice to obtain their advice on the authorized treatment for your dog.  

If your veterinary practice is not local we reserve the right to contact our local veterinary practice;

Border Vets. Maesbury Road. Oswestry. SY10 8HA.  Telephone 01691 670395.

Veterinary fees, flea and/or worming treatment costs and our charges will be added to your final invoice.

  1. Conditions of Admission.

Barkingham Pet Palace reserves the right to refuse admission to any dog that is clearly showing signs of being unwell. Should your dog become unwell during their stay and your Veterinary Practice is not local, we reserve the right to contact our local Veterinary Practice, which offers 24hr cover.

Border Vets. Maesbury Road. Oswestry. SY10 8HA.  Telephone 01691 670395.

Veterinary fees, treatment costs and our charges for taking your dog will be added to your final invoice.

  1. Pre-Existing Conditions.

Should your dog require a visit to your veterinary practice, which is local to Barkingham Pet Palace for a pre-existing condition a minimum charge of £10.00 per visit will be applied.

You will be liable for veterinary fees and treatment costs incurred.

Please notify your veterinary practice (If they are not local) that your dog is boarding with us and should the need arise, Border Vets may contact them to discuss your dogs on going treatment plan.

You will be required to settle any vet bills and treatment costs for your dog whilst boarding at Barkingham Pet Palace.

We are happy to administer any medicine & creams etc provided your dog is compliant and accepts treatment without any resistance, and that you accept any medication given will be administered Barkingham Pet Palace staff who do not hold veterinary qualifications. 

Please provide sufficient medication to exceed the duration of your dogs’ reservation to cover for any  unforeseen circumstances. All medicines should be placed in clear resealable bags clearly marked with your dogs name, dose, method of administration and times taken.

  1. Dogs We Cannot Accept for Boarding.

  • Dogs that have been or still are used as guarding dog.
  • Dogs that show or/are aggressive towards other dogs.
  • Dogs that show or/are aggressive towards people or children.
  • Dogs that continually bark/ howl.
  • Dogs that have destructive tendencies.

At Barkingham Pet Palace, we aim to provide a high standard of accommodation and offer a Luxury Home away from Home environment for all our guests.  We provide fully furnished individually themed designer apartments with beds and soft furnishing. To maintain these standards we can only accept dogs that are fully house trained, although we accept your dog may have the occasional accident, which is normal.

Please speak to us if your female dog is due in season during the boarding period.

Should your dog show signs of an aggressive nature or destructive behaviour we will contact you and/or your emergency nominated person to collect your dog. Please provide contact details that are up to date. In the event that we are unable to make any contact, we will endeavour to place your dog in normal kennels.

You will be liable for the costs of the alternative accommodation and for outstanding fees and costs incurred from your full reservation period booked at Barkingham Pet Palace.  

You will also be liable for any injuries inflicted on staff or damage to property by your dog.

  1. Personal Belongings.

We understand that dogs like people enjoy the comfort of their familiar items, this will be especially true during times that they are away from home. We are more than happy for you to bring your dog’s food bowls, favorite toys or blanket etc.  

We also fully understand that not everyone encourages their pet to jump on furniture or sleep on beds. Please speak to us if you would prefer to bring your dogs bed.

We ask only for your cooperation in ensuring that all these items are freshly cleaned/laundered prior to your dogs’ arrival and are clearly labeled with your dogs’ name.

Please bare in mind that any items you bring with you will be laundered and sanitized regularly.

Please be aware, we cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage to personal items.

  1. Safety.

The care and welfare of your dog is of paramount importance to us, so your dogs collar must be fitted with an ID tag containing your contact details, we will also fit a Barkingham Pet Palace ID tag with our contact details. Please note we do not walk any dog off their lead.

  1. Insurance.

At Barkingham Pet Palace, we have our own insurance cover for your dog whilst in our care, however this does not include pre-existing conditions, veterinary visits and fees, or costs for flea & worm treatments.

Please provide details of any Pet insurance cover you have for your dog, and if this covers for their pre-existing conditions. Please include details if you are claiming for any on-going treatment for long-term illnesses that your dog has  

  1. Information.

We want your dog to enjoy their time in our care at Barkingham Pet Palace Luxury Hotel and aim to provide a wide variety of opportunities that will enhances your dogs’ attention and wellbeing. We will encourage your dog to meet new experiences, smells and other animals in a controlled environment.

To make this possible, please provide as much information as possible about your dog, their likes and dislikes, exercise capabilities and regime. Their level of obedience and the commands they respond to.

Any information is always useful information.

Please note any information including behavioral traits not disclosed about your dog, which results in injury to staff or damage to property will result in liability costs payable by yourselves.

As with all boarding establishments, whilst every care and attention is taken during boarding, responsibility for your dogs’ care can only be accepted at your own risk. Barkingham Pet Palace cannot accept any liability for illness, injury or loss of life while in our care from whatever cause

  1. Dogs Not Collected.

Please ensure that you provide up to date contact details for both yourself and your nominated emergency person. We will do our best to contact you and/or your nominated emergency person should your dog not be collected within 7 days of the departure date as we accept this may be due to an accident or hospitalization however if, at the end of this period we have not received any form of contact via phone or email.

Barkingham Pet Palace will accept non-collection as your wishes and authorization to rehome their dog.

We will notify the appropriate authorities, and seek to recover our outstanding costs, plus extra days boarded and all expenses incurred which will be included on our final invoice.

No days grace is given for any outstanding invoices.

  1. Conditions of Licence - Walking Dogs off Premises.

Part of the licensing criteria for all boarding establishments is that our application form and terms and condition must include your signed authority to walk your dog off premises.

At Barkingham Pet Palace, we do have private country walks in our own grounds including sensory garden and agility play area, to access the stunning countryside that surrounds us which includes miles of footpaths, woodland walks and the beautiful Nescliffe Hill we need your signed authority to take your dog off premises.

Please give your permission at section 14 of our application form if you are happy for us to access these additional facilities with your dog.

  1. Conditions of Licence – Veterinary Release Form.

Part of the licensing criteria for all boarding establishments are that our application form and terms and conditions must include your signed authority for a veterinary release form, this is especially important if your dog is elderly or has a long term illness, in the event that your dog requires emergency treatment signing the veterinary release form gives Barkingham Pet Palace your authority to act on your behalf.

  • To Provide transport via At your Bark & Call for your dogs transfer to your veterinary practice or Border Vets. Maesbury Road. SY10 8HA whichever is the closest.
  • Where possible, your dog will be secured with approved harnesses / seatbelt attachments.
  • Barkingham Pet Palace staff to act with your full authority to approve vital treatment as deemed necessary by the veterinary surgeon excluding euthanasia.
  • As the owner, you confirm that you are liable/responsible for all fees for consultation/treatment.
  • As the owner, you confirm that euthanasia should only be performed if the veterinary surgeon deems that it is absolutely imperative for the welfare of your dog.
  1. Conditions of Licence – Owners final Wishes.

Part of the licensing criteria for all boarding establishments is that our application form and terms and conditions must include your final wishes should you pet pass away while in our care. Our priority will always be to contact you the owner/emergency nominated person as soon as possible.

Deposit should be made via bank transfer with the name of your dog in the reference section, once we have confirmed your booking.

Miss DM Davies     
Sort code 30-96-33     
Account no  2183 4360

Please retain a copy of your application form and our Ts & Cs for your own records.

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